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The Shootout gets underway tonight at 6pm from the Tower Circus Arena in Blackpool ending on Sunday night .

It is a bit of a lottery although we’re best sticking with the players who meet the following criteria.


1. See the shot quickly and play it quickly

2. Have bottle – just one miss can be the end.

3. Are currently playing well

milkins 1

Robert Milkins – Made the final in 2011 and is very quick on the shot – 66/1 (Ladbrokes).

Other players who meet this criteria are Alfie Burden (100/1 general) – Burden has bottle and his aggression can help him go far into the event.

Anthony McGill (66/1 Coral) is good enough to lift a trophy – he did make the final of the Scottish Open in 2012.  And he does fancy himself which is a critical quality in this format.

We’ll have to leave the match betting alone – simply because more or less anyone can win. But the players who have wit and can adapt to the rules can be at the forefront also. Mark Selby is the cleverest snooker player on the circuit and this will suit him.

But his address is just a bit too long. The Jester is currently 16/1 favourite – simply because layers have no idea who is going to win so they may as well reflect the ranking for standard tour events just lengthening the prices to account for the rules. A 10 minute frame time and 15 seconds per shot which is reduced to 10 seconds per shot after five minutes.

Quite simply the way to give yourself the best chance is to play safe as normal and when you get in just try and make  a 30+ break and if your break down play a good safety. Your opponent will start to panic and have no option but to try and push the boat out so just manage the table from thereon in.

Good luck. And what fun!